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It takes a village to run a small local restaurant, and we're lucky to have a great one. Keep scrolling to see the faces that put countless hours into making sure that every item being served to you at Radici is top notch.

Interested in joining our team? We have a passionate and hardworking group who are determined to bring quality plant-based food to the triad. 

Our Ethos

The word radici means “Roots” or root crops in Italian, and in addition to referring to the vegetables with which our menu was created, the idea of roots runs far deeper in the makeup of our restaurant. It is Radici’s aim to set root in the growing city of Greensboro. Through our operation, we aim help to bring awareness of the elemental importance of connection to place, people and the ground beneath our feet. We plan to change the landscape of food and service in this area.

Radici is a new Plant Based (vegan) concept in Greensboro NC. We focus on dishes composed of local vegetables and grains utilizing traditional culinary techniques. Our goal is to showcase the gifts of the dirt, to prepare vegetables in a manner pleasing to the palate that will nourish and inspire.
We are creating an inclusive welcoming atmosphere for our community to experience real hospitality and connect with the food ways of this area.

words we live by:

“Service is the technical delivery of a product. Hospitality is how the delivery of that product makes its recipient feel. Service is a monologue. Hospitality is a dialogue.” 

Danny Meyer

Brian Ricciardi, owner

Brian Ricciardi grew up in New York, learning a deep love for cooking (and eating) while living with his Italian grandmother. From some of his first memories, Brian saw how food, and an intentionally prepared meal, could bring people together in a way that nothing else could. After nearly ten years in the restaurant industry, Brian opened his first restaurant, Mozzarella Fellas. Since then, he has opened two completely plant-based restaurants in the Triad area, Radici and it's Winston-Salem counterpart, Dom's. As a passionate vegan, Brian loves getting to bring a unique touch to plant based eating, and works diligently with his team to ensure that every guest at both of his restaurants experiences top notch food and an unmatched experience. 

Sean Sigmon, chef

Chef Sean Sigmon grew up in small towns of rural North Carolina. He started working in his parents BBQ restaurant “Siggy’s” at twelve preparing southern classics such as coleslaw, and the family's secret recipe bbq sauce. Chef Sean has been a vegan and promoter of the local foods and organic movement for over 20 years. He most recently spent time in Portland Or. involved in the vegan farm to table restaurant scene there with his Pop-up Folklorepdx, at Farm Spirit and other plant based restaurants.

Chef Sigmon's philosophy and approach to food are based in an agrarian mindset, believing that health and happiness are greatly connected to what you eat and the environment you live in. Sean’s goal in cooking is to showcase the gifts of the dirt, to prepare vegetables in a manner pleasing to the palate that will nourish and inspire.

What they're 

"This place is AMAZING, far exceeded our expectations! The chef is out of this world with his selections of flavors, truly an artist!"

— Michelle w.